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Jeu de la Bataille ou le Buffon amusant [early 19th century]
SG 3102.106.1
Houghton Library, Harvard University


Jeu de la Bataille ou le Buffon amusant [early 19th century]

SG 3102.106.1

Houghton Library, Harvard University

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Don’t Black Swan me like that dude!!


Don’t Black Swan me like that dude!!

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New York Film Academy’s study of gender inequality in the film industry.

Pretty important infographic. Reblogging for later analysis. Really interested how these stats in film compare to stats for the theatre in different cities. My experience as an actor in Chicago is that many upstart companies are owned and staffed by women, and a lot of plays are chosen for production here because they circumvent and invert the customary male to female character ratio. See: Broken Nose’s Bechdel Fest, Babes with Blades, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Teatro Luna, etc.

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Lady Gaga directs a local children’s Christmas Pageant

August 19, 2013

Saying “No”

"Yes, and" is a phrase we throw around a lot in the improv community. And I’m all for embracing the deeper meaning of this phrase to garner fearlessness and positivity when life hands you lemons. So as I go on with this post, please keep in mind that I do generally value and live by this coin of phrase.

But as artists we must remember to sometimes say “no”. 

Recently I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I called it a ‘rut’ and blamed it on lack of sleep, poor diet, or issues with friends, lovers, family. The truth is I am beginning a new chapter: facing the blank page before me, with only my aspirations in hand. For once, I’m not in an avalanche of projects and obligations. I am ready to build my career and dive into the water head first. I’ve decided I will not say “yes” to everything. I will say “no” sometimes. I guess what I’m saying is motivation comes in different forms. Some feel they lack it and can’t get a project started. Or some lack motivation for the projects they deeply care about, and would rather hide behind a plethora of projects - appearing busy - than face the fact that they are not focused.

My rut has been inspired by equal parts fear and excitement. But coming to the conclusion that I need to be far more selective about the work I take on is a good sign. 

Do what is important to YOU. Say “no”. Get shit done.

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Over Emphasis


Students apologize for their bad scenes, classes, even the suggestions they give. 

None of those things has enough of an impact to make it worth apologizing. 

Do people go to the gym and apologize for bad reps? bad sets? Not as much I bet.

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I’m a filmmaker and an Eagle Scout. This is my message to the Boy Scouts in regards the ban on homosexual members.


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Water-stained violin proven to be the one that played Nearer my God to Thee by Wallace Hartley as the Titanic sank is found. [x]

It is the instrument that he played as the ship went down in the Atlantic, and that he later used as a buoyancy aid once Titanic went down.

The violin was discovered only by chance when the son of an amateur musician found it in his attic. It was given to his mother by her violin teacher and was left gathering dust.

The discovery was almost too good to be true, prompting experts to have the relic forensically examined by some of the most revered scientific bodies in Britain.

Now, after seven years of testing at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds, the water-stained violin has been proven to be the one played by Hartley on the night of the tragedy.

These pictures show how incredibly well-preserved the rose wood violin is despite its age and it being exposed to the sea for 10 days after the sinking.

There are two long cracks on its body that are said to have been opened up by moisture damage.

The photos also show the corroded engraved silver plate screwed onto the base of the fiddle that provided scientists with they key proof of its authenticity.

The historic violin, said to be worth a six figure sum, will go on public display at the Belfast City Hall, where Titanic was built, at the end of March.

Negotiations are also under way to exhibit it in museums around the world including America. It is likely to be auctioned off in the future.

Titanic experts have described it as the most important artefact associated with the infamous liner to have come to light.

Crying because I just wrote a monologue about a violinist on the titanic

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well that’s … kinda dark. And interesting. I like it :)

fuck me that’s the best theory I’ve heard in a long time

:O Can we get a redo?



oh shit.


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